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Jemez Mountains Towing was wonderful. Jeff is a pro. He got our vehicle out of the snow quickly and safely. We would highly recommend this towing company to our friends and family.


Susan Pilcher

“He Got Our Vehicle Out Of The Snow Quickly And Safely”
Saved Us

I must say that Jemez Mountains Towing and Off Road Recovery can be one of the best things that can happen to you when you have CAR TROUBLE!

Jerry B. From Santa Fe N.M.
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  • . You are off-road in the Jemez Mountains and your vehicle gets stuck.

    You need a winch-out fast!

Watch Jeff Lasso That Elusive Dodge Truck!

 Do You Have An Off Road Recovery Problem?
Bad Driving Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!
When You Need Help We Will Be There.

General Preparedness: “Tips For Driving In Northern New Mexico”

General Preparedness: Tips For Driving In Northern New Mexico


When you are traveling in northern New Mexico long or short distances it is good to keep a few things in mind that will always make the journey a pleasant and worry free experience.

We have weather conditions here that are subject to radical and unpredictable changes. Severe wind and damaging hail events can strike anywhere with little or no warning. Night time temperatures at these elevations can drop below freezing even in the middle of August.

Blizzards are common in this region in the winter, and an otherwise sunny mild day can change suddenly. Face it, it is part of the reason a lot of us live and visit here. It is stunning to see Mother Nature in all of Her glory and power here.

No need to make the prospect of unsettled weather hamper your journey. A little preparedness will go a long way to making your journey headache free. In all seasons all vehicles should carry the following items. A first-aid kit that includes a high quality assortment of items that will make it possible to treat most minor emergencies.

These should be high quality because they have a longer shelf life and will require less restocking. Several liter bottles or a gallon jug of drinking water is a must. Our relative humidity here is very comfortably low. Good for your head, but not so good for hydration.

A simple flat tire incident can turn into a dehydrated nightmare in a matter of hours without the proper quantity of water on hand. Coffee, power drinks and soda pop don’t count because all they really do is dehydrate you in the end.

Water is the key.

Keep a jacket and cold weather hat and gloves in your vehicle. Depending on storage space it is a good idea to have a blanket or sleeping bag as well. In all of my vehicles I have flashlights and food for at least one day.

This food also needs to have a long shelf life so I recommend dried fruit, jerky, and nuts. Crackers also keep well. If you are planning an off road adventure the single most important tool that is a must is a shovel.

It is the first line of defense and can help you avoid having to call me to winch you out. You can get more elaborate with what you bring, but the items listed above are a good place to start.


Jemez Mountains Towing & Off-Road Recovery


Jemez Mountains Towing & Off-Road Recovery


Our business was established in 2011 to serve the roadside automotive needs of the people, businesses, and communities in and around the Jemez Mountains. Our goal is to provide the highest quality roadside assistance and service possible.

We too have had need for towing services in the past and our experiences have shown us that a friendly, polite, competent service person is what is always called for in every situation. To those ends we pride ourselves in our commitment to our clients.

We provide what we think is the highest  quality service available anywhere.  We specialize in difficult, often high angle off-road recoveries. (See the videos on this website) We also provide a whole host of other services which include the following;


General towing for vehicles up to one ton.

Towing of 4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive Vehicles.

Vehicle Winch-Outs in all situations, mud, ice, snow, accidents, roll-overs and ditches.

Flat tire changes or repairs for most cars and trucks.

Lock-outs. We have yet to meet a vehicle that wouldn’t let us in!

We can jump-start any vehicle including hybrids and large trucks.

We will deliver fuel in a 100 mile radius.

We do it all while providing a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on or a strong arm to steady you with

We understand that most vehicles are really a member of the family & we care about their wellness.

We do all of these things and more 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine, in blizzards in the middle of the night and on all major holidays.

We will do winch outs in all of the National Forests and Wilderness Areas in Northern New Mexico

We service most areas in the Los Alamos National Laboratory Complex.

We also assist Local and Regional Law Enforcement Agencies, State and Federal, in accident site control and clean-up.

We are a Provider of Roadside Assistance for numerous Automobile Insurance Agencies.


The core of our business is powered by a Dodge/ Cummins Diesel. Our wrecker was custom built to be able to access nearly every road and most goat trails here in the mountains, in all seasons, and still be able to winch, tow, or assist in getting your vehicle back on the road.

We have a set of Holmes 8,000 lb. hydraulic winches and an elevating, telescoping 18ft.boom to get you out of whatever situation you find your vehicle in. The fact that we are 4 wheel drive means that if you got there, we probably can too. It is all about geometry and physics. Power is never an issue for this beast.















Big Pull Up The Mountain And Out Of There!

Do You have The Right kind Of Insurance?
Drive safe Don’t Let This Happen To You!
Do You Have An Off Road Recovery Problem?
Bad Driving Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!
When You Need Help We Will Be There.

Now That I’ve Lassoed The Truck I’m Going Roll It Over On Its Wheels!


Do You have The Right kind Of Insurance?
Do You Have An Off Road Recovery Problem?
Bad Driving Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!
When You Need Help We Will Be There.

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